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Make Your Transaction Easy With Hinckley Legal.

Buying and selling residential real estate can often be confusing, difficult, and painstakingly slow. Hinckley Legal believes it is important to have an efficient, communication-based practice that helps navigate this complex process. A break-down of the process is listed below, and explains further why a responsive and thorough attorney is needed:

  1. Attorney Approval – Upon receiving the contract, an attorney reviews the terms of the contract to make any additions or changes to the existing language. Morgan will review the contract in detail with you, answer any questions you may have, and ask you a series of questions to gauge whether any revisions to the contract should be made. It is incredibly important for you to have a detail-oriented attorney, for this process, as it can protect you from breaching the contract during the process of selling or buying real estate.

  2. Title Review – An Attorney will review an Abstract and Survey Map for the property to identify and address any title issues prior to closing. An Abstract is an 8” x 14” legal-sized booklet containing a detailed history of the property. A survey is a map that shows where the boundary lines are on the property, while also depicting structures, encroachments, and easements that affect the property. Both documents need to be updated prior to moving forward with a purchase or sale. Having an efficient and thorough attorney for this process, sets the pace for the entire transaction. Whether it be ordering an updated abstract or survey quickly, issue-spotting potential title issues, or drafting additional curatives, Morgan works diligently to keep the closing on track.

  3. Closing – Once a closing date is confirmed, an attorney will coordinate the closing details and explain all the relevant documents needed for the transaction at the closing table. Morgan makes her clients feel comfortable and encourages them to ask any questions they may have, as she thoroughly reviews loan and transfer documents. She also explains additional information that is critical to becoming a new owner of property in New York. Morgan’s goal is make sure that all of her clients walk away from the closing table feeling confident and ready for their next adventure.


Having a responsive and detail-oriented attorney can make what is commonly thought of as being a confusing and disoriented process, one that is smooth and efficient. Call our office for details and information on how to get started.

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