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Hinckley Legal Protects Your Interests.

Seemingly similar to buying or selling residential real estate, commercial real estate often has many more moving pieces. Hinckley Legal represents clients looking to buy or sell commercial properties including but not limited to storefronts, apartment complex buildings, and storage units. During her representation of these matters, Morgan’s attention to detail and responsiveness make these complex commercial deals more seamless.

Hinckley Legal specializes in representing new investors looking to acquire property for the purposes of both short-term and long-term tenants. There are several considerations that take place, to make sure you are investing in the right property:

  1. Short-Term Rental Restrictions – In many municipalities, there are certain restrictions that have been recently imposed on owners looking to use the property as a Short-Term rental. Based on the location of the property, we review any of these existing restrictions to see if this property is a good fit for your needs. Similarly, a permit or Certificate of Occupancy can be required to rent the property. Details are obtained about any existing permit and requirements prior to closing, to ensure a smooth transition.

  2. Long-Term Rental Implications – Is there an existing tenant in the property? If so, what are the current terms of the lease, are there any defaults in the lease terms, and is there being a deposit held. All of these questions, Hinckley Legal seeks to find out up front to make sure this investment property acquisition correlates with your investment strategy.


Hinckley Legal also represents existing Landlords looking to sell investments properties. During the review of the contract, Morgan makes sure you are adequately protected if your tenant refuses to the leave the property in time. Similarly, Morgan reviews existing leases and coordinates rent adjustments and deposit transfers at closing.

Call our office for more details to make sure you are making an informed decision about your real estate investment needs.

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